Morten Albæk

Creator and Executive Chairman of Voluntas A/S,
honorary professor in philosophy, speaker and author

Morten Albæk is honorary Professor in Philosophy and Creator and Executive Chairman of Voluntas Group, a global investing and consultancy firm, which – as the first in the world, is based on meaningfulness. Additionally, he is the only Dane who has been awarded five consecutive years as one of the most innovative marketing leaders in the world by American magazine The Internationalist.

Morten Albæk began his career with Danske Bank, rising to be Senior Vice President for Business Innovation and Customer Insights before leaving the bank to join Vestas as Global Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Communication & Corporate Relations.

Morten Albæk is also the author of several books, the latest “The Average Human Being” is from 2013.


Keynote – MEAN Management

Morten Albæk, Creator and Executive Chairman, Voluntas A/S

The Mean Management concept refers to Meaningfulness and the fact that the effective organization is an organization where employees derive a greater meaning in life from the work they do. Several studies have already proven that the greater Meaningfulness is among employees the higher profitability and effectivity the business will experience – and the higher life quality the employee will feel.

The point being that an essential component in the DNA productivity and efficiency is, that the employee understands the meaning and purpose of what he or she is doing. If the meaningfulness disappears, the critical thinking employees will disappear and the possibility of creating the hyper-effective organization becomes a fata morgana as well.

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